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About Enerco

13+ years of Solar Energy (100 kWp to 25 MWp) & 20,000 MWh of Energy Equivalent Saved

About Enerco

ENERCO is built on a strong foundation of engineering, technology and global expertise brought in by the 

Sustainability and Digital Transformation are the buzzwords in the contemporary world. Companies are facing unprecedented challenges with the new world order. Good news is that there are enough opportunities to fine-tune operations through use of advanced technologies.

We assist Companies in improving their profitability through :

  1. Solar Energy

  2. Intelligent Data-driven automation

  3. Energy Optimization

Our team of Harvard certified sustainability experts, IIT-B, IIT-K, PMI & NASBA (U.S.A.) certified Industry 4.0 Experts and B.E.E. Certified Experts will assist you in optimizing your Company's resources and operations.

Enerco's total experience in Solar Power is 300 MWp+ and 350+ Industrial Energy Efficiency assignments. All these activities are closely monitored by Company's founding members with an expert panel. Additionally we are confident of our service offerings, thanks to our advisory board and mentors comprising of global experience and expertise.

ENERCO started offering it's expertise in Solar Energy and Energy Efficiency shortly after opening for business back in 2009. Back then, Solar was a relatively unknown term with little knowledge with the stakeholders and lot of future potential. Today Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation are what Solar was back in 2009. Over the years Enerco has consistently redefined it's operations to meet customer requirements and goals, frequently adding valuable manufacturers as it's Clients.

We realised that with all our years of expertise we could offer our clients the most

professionally executed high performing Solar Projects at amazing value for money.

If you have a project that needs working on contact us to see how we can be of service today.

We have had the pleasure and privilege to save 2% to 12% energy for reputed Manufacturers and Commercial Sites through our

expertise. Our energy saving team is led by B.E.E. Certified Energy Auditor (IIT- B alumnus) and Engineers with a rich experience in energy audits, sustainability studies and renewable energy.

Our Clients include Companies such as Reliance Industries, Ambuja Cement, Vedanta Ltd., Essar Steel, Future Group, JSW Steel,

Birla Cement, Indorama Group etc. to name a few. Visit our Client section to know more.

Did you know ENERCO helped a customer's Solar Project save INR 5.0+ Cr by enhanced engineering and design.


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Enerco Timeline

ENERCO Journey

Talk to our experts

Whether it is saving cost through Energy Optimization or your path towards Digital Journey, our experts will assist you with the best next steps.

Business People in Meeting

Leadership Team

Enerco Leadership Team

Rathin Vyas

CEO & Founder

Rathin is a first generation entrepreneur with 18+ years of experience in sustainability and Information Technology. Harvard certified sustainability expert, he has consulted leading manufacturers for solar power and energy optimization. Financing and consulting of solar projects ranging from 50 kWp to 25 MWp he is part of the solar revolution from the beginning. NASBA & PMI (U.S.A.) Certified Big Data & AI/ML, IIoT Analyst he helps Clients in strategizing and executing digital transformations under Industry 4.0 umbrella for Digital Manufacturing in Smart Factories.

  • LinkedIn

Ramesh Vyas

Founding Chairman

Ramesh has a 40+ years of global experience in Power & Industrial Electrical solutions. Founding partner of Enerco he visualized a Solar world back in 2009. As a profit center head he has worked with leading European Companies and established their strong foothold in India and in the middle-East. A gold-medallist electrical engineer he has led EPC of Solar Projects ranging from 50 kWp to 1000 kWp on roof and ground for a variety of customers. He stresses on quality each time, every time for all Enerco deliverables. 

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Our USP 

ENERCO understands that each Company requirements are different and each project, whether Solar Energy or Energy Optimization or Digital Transformation or Smart Manufacturing, needs to be treated on it's specifics.

With this in view we bring in global experience of experts in Power, Manufacturing, Digital Transformation, Sustainability and Information Technology all under a single platform of Enerco. 

Enerco offers best-in-class value to all the stakeholders it engages with to ensure they benefit from our experience, expertise and knowledge. We lay strong stress on an engagement model rather than a buy-sell model understand that a "Business relationship starts with a sale, rather than end with one".


We stay in touch with our customers, prospects, partners, knowledge-seekers - whoever wishes to liaison with us. This perhaps has been the biggest strength of Enerco.

We offer customized services, solutions and products to help you become more 

  1. Sustainable

  2. Digital

  3. Automated


while you focus on your core business. Not sure where to start? Simply book a no-obligation FREE call with our experts.

Enerco Global Footprint
Enerco Footprint.png

Our Footprint

Enerco, since it's founding days has worked with various reputed Companies across geographies for supply of manufacturing excellence products, services as well as carried out financing and execution of sustainable projects.

Enerco has also entered into strategic partnerships with global Companies for joint collaboration on innovation and product development.

We have had the pleasure and privilege to serve top Companies across India from Delhi in North to Tuticorin in South. From Mumbai in West to Guwahati in East. In many cases we have been entrusted by our Customers with repeat contracts. This has been possible due to focus and commitment towards impeccable quality and a customer-centric approach. 

On International front we have been entrusted with energy related assignments through our collaborations in the middle-East and Africa.

Headquartered in Mumbai, the financial capital of India, we now have representatives and branches in Pune, Ahmedabad and Indore. We plan to expand our footprint to more Cities in the near future and are inviting partners from across the globe. Get in touch if you wish to partner with Enerco and become a part of our journey.

Advisory Board

Advisory Board

John Broadbent

  • LinkedIn

John has 44+ years of rich experience in manufacturing of which 20+ years is in assisting manufacturers in adopting smart factories and Industry 4.0. He presents his ideas, keynotes and workshops to companies, industry bodies and educational institutions. John is also an adjunct Professor of Engineering at University of Technology Sydney (UTS), specifically responsible for industry liaison for smart manufacturing.


KM Gala

  • LinkedIn

KM brings in a rich experience of 50+ years leading a variety of businesses in India. He has first-hand experience of establishing technology based manufacturing and pioneered Calculator and TV manufacturing. He also brought in cutting edge Solar technology  from Europe to India. He has a Master's degree in Industrial Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology (1966) and MBA from Loyola University, Chicago (1969).

chirag pic.jpeg

Chirag Warty

  • Linkedin - chirag

Chirag is currently the Senior Vice President  for Quanical group of companies. He has consulted for conglomerates like Aditya Birla Group, Tata Sons, Reliance, Wockhardt, Danube Group and others for building of their Employer Brand and Digital strategy. The group has their presence in 4 continents and invests heavily in people.  

Chief Mentor

Manish Joshi.jpg

Manish Joshi

  • LinkedIn

Manish is an accomplished global leader with an experience of 26+ years in Information Technology, Digital Banking, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence and Investing. An IIT-K and IIM-B graduate he is an intrapreneur with an innovator's mindset who has held leadership positions across the globe heading IT operations of leading financial institutions.

A trailblazer for Enerco since the founding days.

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What Our Clients Say!

"....The energy audit exercise consisted of onsite visit, detailed discussions, data analysis and report submission for Energy Saving and Solar Energy Project for our integrated Steel plant + 250 MW Captive Power Plant. Technical Competence, Professional Approach and Performance of Enerco is satisfactory and it is a pleasure to recommend their work..."

Director, Operations

Leading Steel Manufacturer

(Signed testimonials available on request)

Energy Audit Steel Testimonial About

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Solar Projects : Top 3 Reasons for Underperformance

(May 2021 Report)

Solar energy projects are simple to implement. But the project success and performance depends largely on reliable design and engineering. A small design modification can result in massive savings over the 25 years of project life.

Nearly 70% of installed Solar projects are underperforming due to a variety of reasons. This report is based on actual survey of installed Solar projects across India to identify the Top 3 reasons for underperformance. 

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