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Solar Energy Case-Study

Solar Energy (OPEX / RESCO) in action

Solar Energy Case-Study

About the Customer :

One of the leading auto component manufacturers in India with pan-India manufacturing setup.

Problem Statement :

  1. Electrical power was forming nearly 25% of the total cost of production.

  2. Customer wanted to save power through Solar but did not wish to deploy funds in non-core businesses.

  3. Customer was operating only 6 days a week.

Solution Proposed :

  1. We proposed​ a fully funded Solar Project with zero investment by customer.

  2. The Solar tariff offered by Enerco was 50% of the grid tariff.

  3. The customer was given the option to fully buyout the project at any time.

Benefits :

  1. Direct saving of 50% on Solar power which replaced the grid tariff.

  2. Savings of 10% on total cost of production by installation of Solar Project.

  3. Net-metering ensured that excess power was supplied back to the grid during non-operational days or hours.

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