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In it's quest to achieve worldly comforts mankind has exploited the Earth's resources at a much faster rate than ever. Fossil fuel reserves, which were estimated to last 150+ years, have nearly halved in the last 2-3 decades sending alarm bells ringing. Today, energy is as important as food to mankind as Economies and Countries can come to a standstill.

Climate change, considered debatable by a few, is considered a grave problem by majority of the global population and environmentalists alike. In fact millennial consider Climate change as the biggest problem facing the world today, bigger than unemployment and economic depressions. 

The need to opt for renewable energy has never been as important as it is today. Renewable sources of energy ensure sustainable development while ensuring nearly zero harmful impact on the environment. Solar Energy is emerging as the top choice and leads as the obvious choice for the many benefits it offers. In addition to being net-energy-positive it also has several commercial benefits to make a strong business use-case.

Solar Photo Voltaic (PV) makes tremendous business sense for Industrial and Commercial use. This is because of higher grid tariff, availability of un-utilized roof space and nearly zero O&M costs. Of course, the most significant factor for rise of Solar power is the significant fall in cost of PV technology. This is also reflected in consistently falling Solar tariffs in the last 5 years and has now stabilized. 

Solar Energy is a complex subject - easier to implement but difficult to understand. Solar Photo Voltaic (PV) projects installations started in India since 2010-11 but gained momentum since 2015-16. Primarily attributed to fall in cost of PV prices, increase in utility costs and improvement in technology.

Solar Energy is undertaken a as a strategic sustainability initiative and not just another project. It is therefore imperative to understand the various approaches beforehand in financing, technology and project configuration. Useful life of a Solar PV project is 25 years with relatively predictable output considering degradation.

We at Enerco have been working closely with Off-takers, Solar Power Developers, EPC and Investors to develop robust and reliable Solar Power Projects since 2009. Do check out our case-study on how Enerco helped an auto component manufacturer by saving 10% on their production cost through Solar OPEX / RESCO project with 100% funding by Enerco.

Our first project was installed in Mumbai in 2011 and still continues to function like a charm. Our services and solutions include Pre-project Consulting, Financing, Execution and Post-project Performance Improvements of Solar Power Project. Do check out our services & solutions. We would be glad to get on a free no-obligation call with you.

In Open Access we are coming up (shovel-ready) 20 MWp PV Solar Project in Maharashtra near Nashik which offers best Solar Radiation to maximize your RoI. We are offering power under all 3 models i.e. 3rd Party OA OPEX, Group Captive and Captive.

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Sustainable development through use of advanced technology is now a reality and a necessity to be achieved by Companies irrespective of their sector or area of operations.

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