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Solar Energy

Solar Energy has evinced considerable interest in the recent past, thanks to it's high green energy quotient - perhaps highest among all the other green energy peers. Although it has been use for quite a long time, Solar PV (Photo Voltaic) has recently gathered momentum. The first MW-scale Solar PV plant was installed in Lugo, California in 1982.

But the question comes why has Solar become so important now? In it's quest to achieve worldly comforts mankind has exploited the Earth's resources at a much faster rate than ever. Fossil fuel reserves, which were estimated to last 150+ years, have nearly halved in the last 2-3 decades sending alarm bells ringing. Today, energy is as important as food to mankind as Economies and Countries can come to a standstill.

Know more about Solar Energy in our Solar Energy FAQ section below.

Solar Panels on Roof

Climate change, considered debatable by a few, is considered a grave problem by majority of the global population and environmentalists alike. In fact millennial consider Climate change as the biggest problem facing the world today, bigger than unemployment and economic depressions. 

The need to opt for renewable energy has never been as important as it is today. Renewable sources of energy ensure sustainable development while ensuring nearly zero harmful impact on the environment. Solar Energy is emerging as the top choice and leads as the obvious choice for the many benefits it offers. In addition to being net-energy-positive it also has several commercial benefits to make a strong business use-case.

Solar Photo Voltaic (PV) makes tremendous business sense for Industrial and Commercial use. This is because of higher grid tariff, availability of un-utilized roof space and nearly zero O&M costs. Of course, the most significant factor for rise of Solar power is the significant fall in cost of PV technology. This is also reflected in consistently falling Solar tariffs in the last 5 years and has now stabilized.

Solar Energy BENEFITS :

  1. Save Costs with 100% OPEX / RESCO funding by ENERCO

  2. Go GREEN and Protect Earth

  3. Protect from FUTURE increase in energy prices

  4. ZERO CAPEX & ZERO Maintenance

  5. Improve your Company's image

Solar Energy is a complex subject - easier to implement but difficult to understand. Solar Photo Voltaic (PV) projects installations started in India since 2010-11 but gained momentum since 2015-16. Primarily attributed to fall in cost of PV prices, increase in utility costs and improvement in technology.

Solar Energy is undertaken a as a strategic sustainability initiative and not just another project. It is therefore imperative to understand the various approaches beforehand in financing, technology and project configuration. Useful life of a Solar PV project is 25 years with relatively predictable output considering degradation.

We at Enerco have been working closely with Off-takers, Solar Power Developers, EPC and Investors to develop robust and reliable Solar Power Projects since 2009. Contact us know how Enerco helped an auto component manufacturer by saving 10% on their production cost through Solar OPEX / RESCO project with 100% funding by Enerco.

Our first project was installed in Mumbai in 2011-12 and still continues to function like a charm. Our services and solutions include Pre-project Consulting, Financing, Execution and Post-project Performance Improvements of Solar Power Project. Do check out our services & solutions. We would be glad to get on a free no-obligation call with you.

Why ENERCO for your Solar Energy Project?

  1. 30+ years of combined Solar energy experience focused purely on manufacturing industries.

  2. One of the oldest Solar energy Companies in India with first installation in 2011 and 75+ Solar energy assignments across India, Middle-East and Africa.

  3. Trusted by leading Companies such as Reliance, Vedanta, Ambuja Cement, Emami Group etc to name a few. See our Client section.

  4. Offer the maximum Solar financing models + Project configurations including

    1. OPEX / RESCO / BOOT (100% funding)

    2. 3rd Party Open Access

    3. Debt funding (70% to 80%)

    4. Group Captive

    5. EMI Model

    6. Leased Model

    7. Deferred CAPEX model (with 100% funding)

  5. We offer onsite captive, offsite captive & group-captive Solar Power project to meet any of your requirements.

In Open Access we are coming up with (shovel-ready) 20 MWp PV Solar Project in Maharashtra near Nashik which offers best Solar Radiation to maximize your RoI. We are offering power under all 3 models i.e. 3rd Party OA OPEX, Group Captive and Captive.

Make sure to check out our videos on Solar Energy.

  • Can Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency really help in saving costs?
    Yes, statistically energy is one of the largest and easiest controllable costs in manufacturing. Energy-intensive manufacturing industries stand to gain the most by energy conservation but any type of manufacturing or processing plant can benefit from this and expect a saving of minimum 5%. Do check our Energy Audit case-study to see how we helped our customer save on energy costs.
  • Do we still need energy audit even when we have an internal energy cell?
    It is great to have an internal energy cell. However an external expert team brings in the following benefits - 1. Decades of experience focused on energy conservation and energy efficiency. 2. Fresh perspective. 3. New technology and solutions implemented in other plants. We have conducted energy audit for various plants which have an internal energy cell and have added significant value to the Company's energy saving efforts. Thanks to our highly experienced leadership team and highly qualified advisory board.
  • How much energy can my plant save through energy audit?
    Energy saving in every plant depends on a variety of factors such as - 1. Plant process. 2. Age of plant. 3. Equipment type. 4. Time since last audit. 5. Maintenance of equipment. Etc. Etc. However based on our experience a plant could save anywhere between 5% and 10% of energy which could translate to 3% and 5% on SEC or total energy bill. Do see our energy audit case-study to understand how we helped a customer save ~10% on their energy bill.
  • How frequently should a Energy Conservation Audit be carried out?
    Energy Audit should be carried out once every 2-3 years for a typical manufacturing unit. This ensures that the plant is always optimized and the momentum of energy conservation is maintained within the plant team members. Although some energy-intensive industries such as Steel, Cement, Thermal Power Plants carry out energy audit once every 15 to 24 months.
  • What should be the qualifications of Energy Audit team?
    Energy Audit should be carried out by B.E.E. Certified Energy Auditor, B.E.E. Certified Energy Managers and Engineers. The team composition could vary but the audit should be led by an auditor only. All the energy audits undertaken by ENERCO is led by IIT-B alumnus Energy Auditor with a rich experience across domains and sectors. We have a team of global expertswith immense experience in sustainability.
  • What type of plants benefit from Energy Audit?
    Any type of manufacturing plant can benefit from Energy Audit as the duration of audit and exact savings depend on various factors. Typically energy audit is recommended for any type of manufacturing or processing setup which is looking to save energy and save on production costs. Since it's inception Enerco has worked with a variety of Clients and achieved total customer satisfaction in each of the energy saving and sustainability related assignments.

We frequently update our Solar Energy FAQ with the latest information on Solar Energy Technology, Financing, R&D etc. If you wish to get a specific query answered, simply contact us and we would be glad to assist you.

Solar Energy FAQs
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