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Energy Audit

Energy Optimization helped this customer boost revenues

About the Customer :

European MNC in global ceramic and home products brand with multiple manufacturing units across India and presence in 130+ countries.

Problem Statement :

  1. Energy was forming 30% of the total cost of production and was increasing every year.

  2. Management wanted to urgently save energy for saving on production cost and also as a sustainability measure.

Solution Proposed :

  1. Enerco gave a detailed presentation on how much energy could be saved in the plant through Energy Audit.

  2. A joint road map was drafted on scope of work, timelines and estimated savings.

Benefits :

  1. Direct saving of 10% reduction in energy bills through energy saving recommendations made by Enerco.

  2. Customer benefited by 2.5% reduction in total cost of production.
  3. All saving recommendations were given with lesser payback beginning at 1 month and averaging 7 months.

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