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Digital Transformation

(Industry 4.0)

In the 2020s Digital Transformation is a necessity and not just a 'good to have' feature

Digital Transformation

It is 2020 we are in the Digital Era. This is the new way of transacting businesses and carrying out daily operations. Companies need to pursue the digital journey not just for improvising their own operations but also because their customers, vendors and service providers are going digital. Industry 4.0 presents just the right type of ecosystem for Companies looking to capitalize on this opportunity through adoption of digital manufacturing technologies.

Internal business use-case is strong enough for a Company to undertake digital journey. Manufacturing is one area which has immense opportunities in the data-driven digital world.


The benefits of digital transformation are far too many and few of them are :

  1. Reduction in operational costs

  2. Optimization of production costs 

  3. Lesser human error

  4. Productive workforce

To know more about the concept of Smart Factory and Digital Manufacturing check out the webinar conversation between our Industry 4.0 Digital Manufacturing experts.

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Intelligent automation is not pre-programmed automation. Rather it relies on historical trends and current information to make dynamic decisions in real-time for the best interest of the Company. This is possible through huge amount of data (Big Data) which is constantly generated by a Company's equipment, utility, machines man-power, business systems and external business environment. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are the key enablers for use of the Big Data in the best possible way.

For manufacturers it means the following :

  1. Improved equipment health through constant monitoring of critical parameters.

  2. Reduced downtime through predictive maintenance.

  3. Higher OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness).

  4. Cost optimization through lesser manual intervention.

  5. Energy optimization through better monitoring and control.

  6. Advanced planning and scheduling for reduced idling.

  7. Improved work environment through monitoring of various parameters.

A connected factory is the starting point for manufacturers. This means when all the resources in the factory are connected to each other through a network known as Internet of Things (IoT). Such networks are known as Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) in a manufacturing setup. This is a major leap for several manufacturers who still do not gather key insightful data being generated from their resources - machines, auxiliary equipment and manpower - which could be effectively used for intelligent automation.

Enerco adopts a systematic approach to Industry 4.0 Digital Transformation projects for manufacturers. Starting with an audit of your existing system, developing a digital strategy and execution of the strategy. You may want to read about our case-study of how our expertise helped a steel manufacturer in saving 8% (5% on energy + 3% on process optimization) on their production costs by intelligent automation.

Our team of Certified Big Data, IoT and AI/ML experts would be glad to assist you in your digital strategy and execution of the same. Do check out our services & solutions section to know about our offerings in this domain and get started on your Digital Transformation journey. If you do not have a Digital Strategy, just book an online appointment with us and we would be glad to walk you through.

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