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Online Case-Studies

We have been actively working in the domains of Solar Energy, Energy Optimization and Digital Transformation. Do check out the case-studies on each of these here (more of them below).

Machine in Factory

Intelligent Automation


Steel Manufacturer saves 5% on cost through energy optimization and time utilization in furnace. 

Solar Panel Installation

Solar OPEX Case-Study

Automotive component manufacturer saves 10% on energy bills and significant amount on production cost through Rooftop Solar OPEX / BOOT model.


Energy Optimization

Reputed Sanitary ware products plant saves 10% reduction in energy bills and 2.5% reduction in total production costs through timely Energy Audit. Recommendations made with very short payback period.

Watch us in action

(Enerco Videos) 

We publish videos on Solar Energy, Digital Transformation and Energy Optimization.

Do check them out.

Video Collection

Talk to our experts

Whether it is saving cost through Energy Optimization or your path towards Digital Journey, our experts will assist you with the best next steps.

We publish and share research reports on Solar Energy, Digital Transformation and Energy Optimization.

Do check them out.

  1. BCG Report - How Government can fuel a Green Recovery.

  2. Entrepreneurship in Digital Age (24th October 2020) - Webinar Slides.

  3. 2020 Climate Transparency Report - India (November 2020).

  4. Solar Energy projects - why do they fail? (April 2021)

  5. Solar Energy - Top 5 things to know before Project planning. (July 2021)

  6. Solar Energy - Design case-study. (December 2020).

  7. Industry 4.0 IIoT Equipment Checklist (June 2021).

  8. Solar Energy - 9% reduction in project cost (Aug 2021). - Most downloaded 

  9. Solar Energy Webinar : Improve RoI + Reduce cost (Oct 2021)

  10. Top 5 Questions to ask your Solar energy EPC contractor (Nov 2021) - Available on Request only

  11. Impact of customs duty - Solar energy project cost after 31st Mar 2022 [now after 01st Oct 2022] 

  12. Green Hydrogen (H2) India Policy Synopsis (February 2022)

  13. ALMM implementation deferred till 01st Oct 2022.

  14. Solar energy - Why go Solar Now (April 2022)

  15. Energy Audit Report of a steel plant (May 2022)

  16. Solar Energy Targets and Challenges in India PPT @ IIT-B (Jun 2022)

  17. Maharashtra (MSEDCL hikes power tariff by ~15% (April 2023)

  18. Maharashtra allows limitless renewable energy open access for contract demand > 100 kVA (August 2023) 

  19. Green Hydrogen (H2) (September 2023)- Why the hype? NEW

  20. Gujarat solar new policy - 100% solar option (October 2023) 

  21. Maharashtra 5 MW rooftop solar policy (November 2023) 

  22. Aluminum smelter energy audit case-study : Available on request. Drop a mail to or (December 2023) NEW 

  23. Solar energy project : 8 reasons for under-performance (December 2023 - Password protected, available on request) NEW

  24. 5 methods to reduce CO2 in manufacturing (Jan 2024) LATEST

  25. Green Hydrogen H2 - Types of electrolyzers (April 2024)  LATEST

  26. Sustainable Manufacturing : Available on request. Drop a mail to or (May 2024) LATEST

Reports and Updates
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