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Welcome to ENERCO

Sustainable, Connected and Automated World 

World driven by sustainability for a greener planet, connectivity for a better planet, automaticity for a better human race.


1 mn+ kWh saved since 2009

Welcome To Enerco

Technology is driving global innovations at unprecedented pace. From the use of sustainable sources of power to intelligent data-driven automation it is all happening now. India is at the cusp of witnessing a massive growth in manufacturing and these technologies will positively impact Manufacturers.

We at Enerco visualize a Smart and Connected planet and not just Companies or Devices. It helps in carving a better tomorrow for generations to come. Our expertise has enabled Companies to become sustainable and smarter through energy saving and use of greener sources of power such as Solar PV. Jump right onto Solar Energy FAQs if you have questions on Solar Energy or onto Energy Audit FAQs if you have any questions on Energy Conservation. 

Sustainability and Connected Planet is not just another aspect but a necessity now for a better future of mankind. Enerco is a Company which believes in true global connectivity with a global footprint and expanding.

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Customized Energy and Automation Solutions for each Company type

Customized Service

11+ years of impeccable customer service for reputed Companies

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Make an informed decision on matters of strategic importance

What we Offer?

Propel your Company to the next level of growth through our state of the art solutions and services customized for your Company

Solar Energy Solar Power Consulting and Advisory Solar Project

Solar Energy 

Solar Energy Consulting & Advisory, Projects (EPC), Financing (OPEX / RESCO / BOOT) and Post-project Consulting Services



More about Solar Energy

Industry 4.0 Digital Transformation enables intelligent automation and helps save on manufacturing production costs

Digital Transformation

Industry 4.0 Digital Transformation including execution of IIoT Projects, RPA, Consulting and Advisory including Industry 4.0 IIoT Audit for Manufacturers


More about Industry 4.0

Energy Audit in progress : Energy Conservation Energy Audit B.E.E. Certified Experts to save on energy and manufacturing production costs

Energy Conservation

We offer a host of Services and Solutions to bring down your Energy Consumption through Energy Audit, Power Sourcing and Advisory and Express Energy Audit.


More about Energy Conservation

Energy Audit

ENERCO offers expertise to manufacturers in saving production costs through energy conservation and energy efficiency. Check out how Enerco saved 10% on energy bills for a manufacturer. Contact us for the FREE Case-study. 

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Why Enerco?

ENERCO delivers value to it's Customers based on the vast experience across diverse sectors such as Power, Sustainability, Manufacturing Excellence through Digital Transformation and Information Technology. We bring in global experience in engineering, design and management.

Since 2009 Enerco has consistently added valuable Clients and signed various collaborative agreements in Solar Energy, Energy Conservation and Sustainability. 

We bring together a combined global experience of 150+ man-years in Engineering, Manufacturing Excellence, Resource Optimization and Automation. Do check out our Leadership Team to know more about the people.

In Energy Saving we have assisted Manufacturers from diverse fields such as Steel, Cement, Conventional Power Plants, Chemical, FMCG in achieving highest possible energy efficiency levels through adoption of advanced technologies and efficient operational measures. Based on 300+ such energy audit assignments we have helped our Customers save about 7% (avg.) on their energy bills through our team led by IIT-B alumnus and B.E.E. Certified Energy Auditors and Energy Managers.

Solar Energy installation have scaled massive peaks in the last few years, thanks to the falling costs. We have carried out maximum Solar assignments by any Company in India. This includes Consulting, Project Financing, Execution (EPC) and post-project services. What sets us apart is our ability to offer customized services and solutions across the spectrum in this domain. Our Solar consulting assignments have enabled customers to save between 2% and 5% on their Solar project costs. We also assist Solar Developers in maximizing output from their installed Solar Projects by offering top-of-the-line advisory and consulting.

We are just at the beginning of the Digital Era and it is expected to touch each and every aspect of life and business. Our team comprises of U.S.A. body Certified Big Data, AI/ML, IIoT Experts to assist you in your Digital Transformation Journey. Our advisory board consists of highly experienced global experts.

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What Our Clients Say!

"We engaged Enerco for our 600 kWp Solar Rooftop Project. Enerco carried out the consulting, financing and execution of the project. It is a pleasure to recommend their work.

We now plan to expand our Solar Project capacity with Enerco." 

Managing Director 

Top European MNC

(Signed testimonials available on request)

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Free Solar Energy Report (instant download)

Enerco saves INR 5.65 Cr for a Customer (Solar Design Case-Study)

Solar energy projects are simple to implement. But the success depends largely on reliable design and engineering. A small design modification can result in massive savings over the 25 years of project life.

Discover how Enerco helped a customer save INR 5.65 Crores on a Solar Energy Project through our expertise, experience and knowledge. 

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