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Energy Conservation

Energy Conservation (through Energy Audit) is the easiest way to achieve higher profitability. Energy Audit carried out by B.E.E. Certified Energy Auditors can yield results for any type of manufacturing plant. It is mandatory for energy-intensive industries to carry out a periodic energy audit and some States like Gujarat have also mandated Gujarat Electrical Inspector Energy Audit. 

One of the easiest controllable cost components in manufacturing is energy yet it is the most neglected in many cases. Manufacturers can actually improve their profitability by optimizing their energy usage.

In a manufacturing setup, Energy can be optimized through

  1. Plugging leakages in the existing systems (energy saving)

  2. Optimization of technical processes (energy efficiency)

  3. Use of advanced technology retrofits (system efficiency)

  4. Optimization of non-technical processes (process efficiency)

  5. Replacement of old systems by new-age systems (system efficiency)

As per IEA (International Energy Agency) end-use energy efficiency can result in maximum mitigation of Green House Gases (GHG). It estimates that end-use fuel and electricity efficiency would be responsible for 34% of total mitigation. Whereas renewable would be responsible for 17%. So energy conservation and energy efficiency is not just beneficial in terms of cost-saving but it also helps in sustainability.

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Energy savings can be in the form of direct saving of fuel being used in process or electrical power. It also leads to saving of derived energy such as Steam, Compressed Air, hot water etc. the savings of which result in saving of manufacturing costs.

Energy Audit by a competent team led by B.E.E. Certified Experts can help a plant save atleast 5% on Energy bills. This can have immense benefit for manufacturers who wish to cut down on their cost of production. Combined with data-driven intelligent automation can help a manufacturer save significant amount and directly impact their bottom-line. We did carry out an IIoT study for a steel manufacturer. See our Industry 4.0 IIoT case-study to understand the savings.

Our team of B.E.E. Certified Energy Auditors and Engineers can help you in saving significant energy. Book a free online session with our experts to learn how you can get started on your energy saving journey.

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Highlights of our Energy Saving capabilities :

  1. Energy Audit team is led by IIT-B alumnus B.E.E. Certified & Accredited Energy Auditor with 35+ years of energy audit experience across a variety of manufacturing industries and sectors.

  2. Our team consists of Harvard Certified Sustainability expert, B.E.E. Certified Energy Auditors, B.E.E. Certified Energy Managers, Senior Engineers and Junior Engineers with a rich experience and deep knowledge of Energy Audit.

  3. All energy saving projects and assignments are closely monitored by the Company's founding team through -

    1. Daily Progress Report and Call

    2. Weekly Progress Report and Call

    3. Timely customer updates and query resolutions

  4. We adopt a highly systematic approach and divide the entire assignment into 3 phases i.e. Pre-visit, Visit and Post-visit to ensure maximum possible energy saving in your plant.

  5. Our focus is on difficult to identify and simple to implement energy saving solutions.


We believe that Energy Saving is a journey and not a destination. Owing to our strong commitment to the cause of environment protection we have had the pleasure of saving around 5% to 7% on energy bills for our customers. Have a quick look at our energy audit case-study to understand more about our capabilities and also check out Customer testimonials.

You may also like to go through our sample energy audit report of an actual energy audit of a steel plant.

Energy Conservation Audit FAQs

Any specific query on Energy Conservation? Get in touch and we would be glad to assist you.

Need more information on Energy Conservation for your manufacturing facility? Do check out our Videos on Energy Conservation and Energy Audit and the Knowledge Corner page which is frequently updated with interesting content. Energy Audit carried out by our experts can result in significant reduction in your production costs. 

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